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About Us

Omi Merchant's "Sanpo-yoshi" Spirit

We established this company with the desire to deliver our products to as many people as possible and make them happy.

Our goal is to deliver "good products" from Japan and abroad to as many people as possible, and to please not only our customers but also manufacturers. There are many manufacturers of "good products" in the world.

However, the reality is that there are still some manufacturers who are not very good at selling their products on the Internet.

There are many manufacturers who have problems such as "I have what I want to sell, but I can't expand sales as expected," "I want to spread my products throughout Japan," "I want to increase sales to raise funds and develop new products," and so on.

We want to help them.

We operate a number of e-commerce sales channels, allowing us to offer our products to a wider audience.

Thanks to this, we have a growing number of domestic and overseas suppliers, and the product lineup we can offer is increasing rapidly.

We will continue to boldly challenge various businesses and provide products and smiles to as many customers as possible.



  • President: Ryunosuke Kawakatsu

  • Established: July 2018

  • Our business:Product planning and sales, import, wholesale, and retail Other related businesses 

  • Japan Office:1165-9 Kaminamienomachi, Takasaki City, Gunma, Japan

  • Phone number:(+81)80-6112-6215


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